Terms and Conditions

By using our website, you agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions mentioned below. If you don’t agree to the follow terms or certain parts of it you are requested to stop using this website and any of our services. The Terms and Conditions are subject to change. This also applies to all our products and services that are mentioned in this website. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions shall be posted on this page and would be effective from the date on the top of this page. The revised Terms and Conditions shall be considered accepted if you continue to use the website and any of our services after the new revisions are made effective.

General Terms

  • AppRankSEO doesn’t guarantee results in terms of traffic, website interactions or rankings for specific keywords and keyphrases.
  • The client guarantees that they are the rightful owners of the website and have the authorization to initiate the SEO project.
  • The client shall not host the website on free and unsecured servers. They must also own a paid domain which is free of ads.
  • There are no duplicate sites, duplicate content, redirects or the client is using any automated submission tool for the purpose of SEO.
  • The client hasn’t engage in link farming or tried any Black Hat SEO techniques in the past that have earned penalty from the Search Engines.
  • Fees including monthly packages are payable in advance and aren’t refundable under any circumstances.
  • The client agrees not to engage any other professional or agency for the purpose of SEO when AppRankSEO is executing the project.
  • All changes to the site structure and content advised will need to be implemented to achieve desired targets.
  • AppRankSEO reserves the right to use the client’s website, logo and wireframe for marketing and advertising initiatives. This may also include case studies of the project and direct links to the website. If the client issues specific instructions restricting use of their name the same shall be respected.

Access to Client Website


To receive top quality SEO services clients must agree to provide the following –

  • Admin access to the website for audit and in-depth analysis.
  • Consent to changes on the website, link structure, content, images to improve visibility of the website.
  • Consent to communicate directly with in-house design team or third-party design agencies.
  • Access to website traffic stats including complete access to any analytics tool being used.
  • An official email address that would be used at different stages of the optimization project.

Warranties and Indemnity


The client warrants that the website and all the published materials –

  • Do not violate Intellectual Property Rights of any other website or third-parties concerned.
  • Website doesn’t breach any legal code or provisions of statute.
  • Contains no element that breaches advertising laws.
  • Doesn’t contain any misleading information, erroneous price comparisons or stats.

Loss of Service


AppRankSEO doesn’t accept liability for any direct or indirect losses/damages suffered by the client due to unavailability of data, interruptions of services, misuse of the equipment or data by any third-parties or any other services that are deemed to be beyond the Company’s control.

Disclosure of Information


AppRankSEO under no circumstances discloses client information including details of the website without obtaining prior consent from the client. However the company has to abide by law and shall make this data available to law enforcement agencies or courts when requested to do so.